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1 on 1 Personal Firearms Training- 1 Hour

Personal Firearms Instructor Package description:

If you are new to shooting and want to safely learn how to handle and use a firearm, this is the package for you. This session can be geared towards any handgun or rifle you choose. You are welcome to bring your own firearm or rent one of ours. This hour long session can be tailored to both beginner and intermediate shooters. You will receive one full hour of personal hands on training with one of our Range 517 firearms instructors. We will cover the topics you desire to improve your capability and shooting performance. After this training, you will have the knowledge and confidence to safely handle and shoot a firearm.

Suggested topics:

  • Safely loading and unloading your firearm.
  • Properly handling your firearm.
  • Range safety.
  • Proper grip and stance.
  • Sight alignment.
  • Trigger control.

Once you have booked your training session using the link above, please call our store at 517-580-5683 to schedule your appointment with a Range 517 firearms instructor. Your 1 hour session can be spent however you see fit and can include areas both in the classroom as well as the live fire range. Range time for non- members will be billed separately based on our standard range rates of $15 per half hour and $25 for a full hour. Members do not pay extra for range time. You will not be billed extra for portions of time that are in the classroom. Members will also receive 10% off the session fee noted below.

Required- Eye and Ear protection for live fire range (Available for purchase).

Required- Firearm and 50-100 rounds of ammo (Firearms available for purchase OR rent, ammo available for purchase).

Session Fee - $100.

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