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USCCA Michigan Concealed Pistol License – CPL Certification Class – 8 Hours

This is the class you will take to become certified to carry a concealed pistol in the State of Michigan. After you pass this class, you will receive a certificate of completion which enables you to apply for your CPL. If you want to legally carry your handgun concealed, this is the class for you. Students are encouraged to have some familiarity and experience with a handgun prior to taking the CPL course.

Michigan CPL Renewal - 4 Hours

Michigan law requires a current CPL holder to complete the renewal process prior to their CPL expiring. The applicant does not have to take a course, but the State of Michigan requires, "the applicant shall sign the statement on the application certifying that he or she has completed at least three hours of review of the required training and has had at least one hour of firing range time in the six months immediately preceding the renewal application".

Because of this requirement Range 517 provides a 4 hour class with 3 hours of classroom review and 1 hour of range time. The review will be both taught by an certified instructor and video presentation. Even though applicants do not have to take a course we provide this package for applicants to assist them in fulfilling the renewal process. The student will receive a certificate and receipt showing completion of the 3 hour review and 60 minute range time.

Semi-Private Training - Indoor Range Basics - 30 Minutes

This class will run with a group of one to four students and one certified instructor. This class is the most basic class we offer and it is geared towards new shooters at indoor ranges. The purpose of this class is to teach students the safe and practical ways to utilize our indoor range and maximize your shooting experience. In this class, you will be taught proper safety essentials around ear and eye protection, range rules, proper range etiquette, proper stance, and the right way to case and uncase firearms on the range.

This class is a combination of classroom education as well as live fire range time. Our certified instructor will be with you every minute throughout the experience. Each student will finish the class on our live fire range where you will fire a full magazine with a 22LR caliber Glock pistol.

The goal of this class is for each student to walk away with the confidence to safely shoot on our indoor range without supervision.

1 on 1

If you are new to shooting and want to safely learn how to handle and use a firearm, this is the package for you. This session can be geared towards any handgun or rifle you choose. You are welcome to bring your own firearm or rent one of ours. This hour long session can be tailored to both beginner and intermediate shooters. You will receive one full hour of personal hands on training with one of our Range 517 firearms instructors. We will cover the topics you desire to improve your capability and shooting performance. After this training, you will have the knowledge and confidence to safely handle and shoot a firearm.

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